Automotive & Transportation

We service the automotive and transportation, logistics, specialty equipment, and parts & accessories industries. We have in-depth knowledge as well as deep industry experience and relationships in all automotive, aerospace, defense, and heavy-vehicle-related areas at the OEM and Tier 1 levels across regions.

We have a clear understanding of each sector’s and player’s offerings, including their processes, operations, strengths/weaknesses, strategies, competitive positions, and technologies. We are as comfortable working with manufacturing plants and processes as we are with supplier management and new technologies. We are active in acquisitions/divestitures, technology assessments/integrations, and restructurings. Past transactions involve powertrain, electronics and controls, chassis and driveline, assembly operations, interiors and exteriors, thermal and lighting, fuel efficient technologies and electric vehicles.

We discreetly work with all relevant stakeholders, including global and local OEMs, Tier 1’s and 2’s, private and public companies, investors and financial institutions, local governments, boards of directors and management teams. We have an understanding of their strategies, competitive position and technology.

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