What we do

      • We are a leading advisor to investment firms, corporations and private businesses who focus on the automotive, transportation, energy and industrial markets, real assets and debt instruments.
      • Deep technical competencies, product and process knowledge
      • Ability to assist throughout the investment life-cycle from initial diligence activities, to value-creation strategies during ownership, to positioning for exit
      • Creating value – M&A, impactful analysis, actionable strategies, financial support, performance improvement, developing new markets
      • Global reach and access, especially in the Americas, Europe and Asia
      • Proven track-record of successfully building and launching manufacturing, supply-chain and logistics facilities throughout the world
      • Collaboration with management teams to develop and execute operational improvement initiatives
      • Whether advising on M&A, helping to set strategy, supporting performance improvement or developing new markets – OHorizons is keenly focused on increasing shareholder value
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