Our focus is to align functional groups within a company to support the overall product and growth strategy. Our network is comprised of business leaders and subject matter experts in the areas of manufacturing, procurement and supply-chain, business development, engineering, strategy and finance; in each case bringing specific expertise to bear on client engagements.

Revenue Expansion

    • Revenue growth through customer diversification, regional expansion and product development
    • European and Asian market penetration (turn-key plans, customer introductions, supply-chain solutions, manufacturing partnerships)
    • Exploit innovative technologies with impactful go-to-market business plans
    • Marketing and brand building
    • Customer development and expansion
    • Regional expansion
    • Pricing optimization
    • Growth strategies
    • Technology and IP leverage

Cost Efficiencies

    • Partner with management to identify operational areas of opportunity within the organization
    • Identify and generate cost savings by optimizing operations, resource utilization and day-to-day execution
    • Plant productivity
    • Overhead cost reduction
    • Manufacturing footprint optimization
    • Cost modeling and value-chain assessment
    • Sourcing, Procurement and Supplier Management
    • Raw materials management and price recovery
    • Logistics and distribution
    • Labor optimization
    • Supply-chain management

Margin and Cash Flow Improvement

    • Working capital management
    • Inventory management
    • Work flow and labor force optimization

Capital Expenditures

    • Utilization and capacity analysis across plants and suppliers
    • Review of maintenance plans and expected spending
    • Long-range plans to support growth and launches
    • New equipment spending reviews, allocations and installation timelines
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