Operational and Financial Diligence Worldwide

    • Rapid Review: expedited, high-level product and operational due diligence used to outline key risks and opportunities of an acquisition target

    • Comprehensive financial, commercial, operational and strategic due diligence

    • In-depth analysis of a target’s business plans, products, divisions and regions, customers and operations across all functions and product segments

    • Specific focus on vetting the business plan and validating its underlying assumptions

    • Detailed analysis of financial statements at the business unit and consolidated level

    • Post-Closing transition activities include creation and execution of 100-day plans and transition agreements

    • Post-Closing integration, restructuring and interim management as required

Deal Management

Assisting buyers manage the cadence of a transaction process: coordinating discussion with target management teams, assembling diligence material, interfacing with financing sources, government agencies and working alongside legal and accounting teams.

Post-Closing Transition and Integration

The transitional period after the close of any transaction is one of the most critical in the life-cycle of that investment.  Alignment of expectations, operations and culture are paramount to a successful transition process.  Our cross-functional teams of professionals are adept at creating plans that are cross-functional, build on pre-closing diligence findings and stress communication of value creation objectives.

As required, our network focuses on identifying effective ways of stabilizing internal and external operations, ensuring continuity of supply, customer management and cash retention.

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