Empowering Communities with Clean Water for Life

The OHorizons Foundation develops and deploys low-tech, context-appropriate innovations to solve persistent global challenges, like access to safe drinking water, so that all people can live a healthy, productive, and dignified life.


Bangladeshi women stand behind an OHorizons Foundation concrete BioSand Filter.

Centered on the user, we innovate global development solutions that follow our Principles of Low-Tech. That means the innovations we design, need to be “simple to implement, low-cost, locally-sourced, universally flexible, and open-source.” Adhering to these principles requires a lot of creative problem solving, so we’ve named our approach Low-Tech, High-Thinking.

There are a lot of people who should have safe drinking water, but don’t. It’s estimated that around 40 percent of water systems in developing countries become inoperable after five years. Why such a high failure rate? Most projects are done with little to no input from the local community, which means the people actually using the water systems know little to nothing about the technology, how it actually works, and most importantly how it can be maintained and fixed when it breaks.


The Wood Mold we’ve engineered allows local organizations to manufacture concrete BioSand Filters for a fraction of the upfront costs of traditional methods, meaning more people can get clean water faster.

We are determined to address this problem. Low-Tech, High-Thinking guided us to engineer a Wood Mold for the production of concrete BioSand Filters (BSFs). BioSand Filters are a low-tech, household appliance that use sand, gravel, and natural biological processes to filter pathogens out of water, making it safe for drinking. Our award-winning Wood Mold’s design is scalable, sustainable, and context-appropriate for the people that use it. We work with communities and local implementation partners from around the world. Organizations in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America have used our open-source, DIY-friendly technical resources to resolve their drinking water issues using local materials, tools, and labor.

Anjoli now has safe drinking water access inside her home!

Anjoli now has safe drinking water access in her home!

The OHorizons Foundation provided safe drinking water access to 5,000 Bangladeshis in 2016 alone and we’re diligently planning to reach 1 million people in the next six years. In order for that to happen we’re going to need all of the support we can get! 

Our locally-made, simple-to-use filters keep families healthy and make safe drinking water accessible, affordable, and sustainable for communities.

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The OHorizons Foundation Team

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