Senior Director – Mexico

Mr. Laguna has more than 30 years of experience in the transportation, aerospace and metals industries. Previously, Mr. Laguna was the Director of Purchasing, Supplier Quality and Supply Chain Management for General Motors de Mexico. In this role, he was responsible for the entire supply chain including material procurement, handling and transportation – all combined $11 billion in annual purchases. Additionally, Mr. Laguna was the Plant Manager for the GM Ramos assembly facility in Mexico, which is one of GM’s top locations for quality and productivity.

Mr. Laguna leads network activities in Mexico. He leverages a team of operations, procurement and finance professionals to complete both transaction advisory, sourcing and enterprise improvement engagements. In addition, he has significant experience working in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Europe, India, China, Korea and Japan.

Additionally, Mr. Laguna developed the Integration Center for the automotive sector in the Coahuila State of Mexico (CIDIAC). This center assisted suppliers in establishing their operations and identified and trained local labor forces, which resulted in reducing employee turnover. The CIDIAC was sponsored by the Government of Coahuila and over 40 companies in the Saltillo region.

Mr. Laguna holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Politechnical Institute of Mexico, a Bachelor’s of Industrial Engineering from Kettering University and an MBA on Production Systems from Instituto Politechnico Nacional.

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