Senior Director

Mr. Alnasery is a former Group Vice President of Wal-Mart, spending 26+ years designing, building and deploying the company’s merchandising strategies including Global Procurement. Mr. Alnasery led efforts in emerging market entry, supplier development and new footprint introduction policies. He was a key member within the company’s global markets, procurement and supply chain groups.

While with Wal-Mart, Mr. Alnasery held extensive global management leadership positions in the areas of merchandising, store operations, supply chain, supplier footprint optimization, production planning inventory management, customer service, forecasting, transportation and distribution. He also developed the accredited Global Sourcing procurement strategy that leveraged global efficiencies in production – a supply chain convention that profoundly changed purchasing in every Wal-Mart country.

Mr. Alnasery has 40+ years of experience in global procurement, supply chain, logistics and distribution. His background includes work within the automotive, consumer products and retail industries. Holding numerous executive roles over his career, Mr. Alnasery has structured global purchasing organizations, implemented broad-based commodity strategies, negotiated worldwide and regional supplier contracts and driven best-practices to achieve sustainable cost improvements.

Mr. Alnasery leads the firm’s procurement and supply-chain group which assists clients globally with transaction diligence and direct, indirect, raw material and logistics related purchasing and sourcing activities. Mr. Alnasery has been instrumental in identifying tangible cost savings both in large-scale organizations and middle market companies.

Prior to OHorizons, Mr. Alnasery spent three years at General Motors as an Executive Advisor to GPSC (Global Procurements, Supply Chain and Logistics) group. In that role, he stressed generating procurement value across programs through common processes, analytics, sourcing leverage and execution. Additional services were to interface with GM leadership on key issues such as intercontinental freight, supplier footprint optimization and creativity team strategies. Mr. Alnasery supported GM leadership in assessing global processes, strategies, plans and recommendations for improvement in the areas of material cost and logistics savings.

As an Executive Advisor to GM, Mr. Alnasery successfully generated savings within the GM GPSC group by transforming the organization from a functional-silo approach to a cross-functional approach. He reinforced and developed a new supply base in emerging markets and introduced new suppliers to ensure competitive supply sources.

From the time Wal-Mart entered the global markets, Mr. Alnasery became a point person in supporting Mergers & Acquisitions activities around the globe with special focus on Mexico, Central America, Puerto Rico, Brazil, UK, Canada and China. Mr. Alnasery created, established and implemented the documentation protocol for Wal-Mart International Process and Procedures covering all retail and wholesale units – so effective and complete is the protocol that it continues to be in use today.

At Wal-Mart, Mr. Alnasery achieved merchandising and procurement successes by aligning suppliers and Wal-Mart strategic objectives through business development. He established a vision and then translated it to a committed supplier/merchant relationship; he implemented global sourcing business planning, including objectives and supporting programs that delivered objectives such as development and management of critical path schedules.

While at General Motors, Mr. Alnasery’s accomplishments were achieved by utilizing a fact-based, process-oriented approach towards reaching aggressive goals in support of identifying issues and opportunities effecting the ability to strategically maximize cost efficiencies and eliminate waste in the system within various GM groups. Also by evaluating the overall procurement and commodity strategy at GM, Mr. Alnasery then recommended and completed an improved cost management approach including implementation, support tools and mentor execution. These activities provided the GM groups with a foundation to create procurement value through business diligence and brought forward changes and structure that contributed to long-term sustainability for the enterprise.

During his time with OHorizons, Mr. Alnasery has led the procurement and supply-chain group in transaction diligence and Board engagement projects for restructurings of large multinationals. Mr. Alnasery has led operational improvement engagements for global industrial companies, generating significant savings in inter-plant transport costs and indirect purchasing. He has assembled high-performance teams responsible for day to day design and execution of business transformation initiatives including cost of ownership and process management.

BSC Civil Engineering
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Arkansas

English and Arabic (Read, Write & Speak)

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