Vice President


Dr. Jürgen Bohn, a doctor of Mechanical Engineering, has over 20 years in the automotive supplier industry.  Prior to joining OHorizons, he served as Secretary of State for Economics and Technology for the State of Thuringia, Germany.  Thereafter, he founded a consultancy firm to assist medium-size automotive suppliers with their expansion to Eastern European countries.  Dr. Bohn has also served as General Manager of several electric car technology and plastic injection and aluminum die casting companies.  In addition, his experience includes public and government relations, and he still holds the responsibility of General Consul of Hungary.

Dr. Bohn is currently a member of the Operations Board of DGH Heidenau GmbH & Co, a German high technology automotive High Pressure Die Casting supplier.  A pioneer designer, Dr. Bohn was at the forefront of electric car research, development and prototyping.  Specifically, Dr. Bohn designed and implemented E-Technology for E-Car China JAC.


Dr. Bohn has a wealth of knowledge in the automotive, industrial services and renewable energy sectors. He has long-standing relationships with global automakers and suppliers. He continues to have trusted relationships with companies, unions, and state and federal governments across Europe, Russia and China.

He is an expert in assisting distressed companies in turnaround efforts.  In addition to stabilizing their operations, he uncovers value and thus provides the option to transition to new ownership, and helps to grow revenue with new and existing customers.

Dr. Bohn has an extensive network among leaders in government and business throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia from his business development work in those regions as well as other related emerging markets.


General Consul for Hungary

Former Secretary of State for Economics and Technology for the State of Thuringia, Germany


Dr. Bohn holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dresden.


Dr. Bohn speaks German, English and Russian.

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