Mr. Theobald has over 25-years of experience in senior management positions in multiple metals technology firms, with over 20 years in B2B markets (more than 10 years in aerospace and defense industry), business development, and contract management. Developed a good network within the German & European industry. He has extensive experience in aviation aluminum technologies, production of aluminum profiles, processing rolled steel products and developing material solutions (rolling, forging and pressing).
Mr. Theobald has been part of the Management Board and commercial director launching a new steel, rolling mill in Bayonne, Southern France. He has served as CEO at APOLLO Metals GmbH and Apollo Metals B.V. now ThyssenKrupp Aerospace and as Managing Director at ThyssenKrupp Ferrosta spol. S.r.o. in Praque and had a long-term European responsibility as Chief Commercial Officer at VSMPO Tirus GmbH. The parent company VSMPO AVISMA is world market leader in Titanium products for aerospace, medical and defense markets.

He is well grounded in management methods, planning, development and P&L responsibility.


He is experienced in implementing and monitoring growth strategies both in the SME sector and in group organizations. Proven ability to turn around organizations, building new product market areas, reducing resistance to acquisitions, carve-outs, negotiating long-term agreements with key end-customers, project management process optimization, and managing cross-functional teams. Mr. Theobald has acquired turnaround and restructuring expertise, demonstrating the proven ability to turn around organizations and lead change processes.

Mr. Theobald has developed a market mind – he understands the needs and wants of customers, and is able to connect manufacturing (production) with markets. Has developed international expertise being part of diverse and cross-cultural and cross-functional teams, demonstrating balanced leadership behavior between relationship orientation (employees) and task orientation (performance and results).

Throughout the years Mr. Theobald has acquired M&A experience working as a consultant in diverse transactions. He uses a pragmatic approach in order to achieve tangible sustainable results.

Mr. Theobald is a selected member of BBUG ( He participated in 106th Baden-Baden Entrepreneurs’ Talks.


Mr. Theobald speaks German, English, French, basic Italian and Chinese languages.


He studied at European Business School (EBS) , Newcastle-upon-Tyne Business-School and finally is holding as Master degree from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

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